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Diseñar y poner en marcha con éxito proyectos digitales de empresas, startups e instituciones. Mejorar la competitividad mediante la creación de productos y contenidos digitales o la automatización de servicios y tareas, de manera eficiente y creativa.

Contribute to the creation of tools that facilitate a better quality of life.


Unlike the traditional agency model, your partner here is a person who designs, develops, and executes your project autonomously. Someone with years of experience in large companies and startups who understands the problem, the scenario, the policies, and the budget, without the intermediation of sales agents or account executives.


Digitalization favors a more sustainable and equitable world, helping to reduce the opportunity gap between people and the carbon footprint.

We take the usability, accessibility, security, and legal compliance of your projects very seriously.

Luis Gualda

Founder, CEO and Creative Director

25 years of experience in the digital industry.

Luis Gualda is the founder, CEO, and creative director of VisualPoint Interactive, where he designs and manages product design, communication, marketing, and digital transformation projects for companies and agencies in Europe and the United States.

He has digital expertise in multiple sectors: telecommunications, software, advertising, retail, food, health, finance, energy, sports, hospitality, tourism, education, legal, art, architecture, real estate and public sector.

It has been an ICT provider approved by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, successfully designing and developing projects subsidized by the European Union for the digital transformation of SMEs.

Previously, he spent 7 years as co-founder, partner and technical director at EMEfilms, a production company specialized in audiovisual advertising, as well as services to the production of series and films, with work at Netflix and HBO, among others.

Gualda has been one of the pioneers of UX and interaction design in Spain, working as a web/UX designer, creating websites and interactive CD-ROMs for RSLCOM Spain, a subsidiary of RSLCOM USA, a technology multinational owned by the Estée Lauder family in the early 2000s.

For 3 years Luis was a 3D computer animation teacher at Trazos, a leading school in design, 3D creation, and VFX in Madrid.

Luis leads the creative strategy and product design, coordinating the specialists involved in each project.

Luis Gualda